personal and social capability

Personal and Social Capability ACARA

Our Goals 2007

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These are the goals we suggested for 2007 when we had our first meeting:

Implementation of restorative justice across the whole school

Have SW team actively use restorative justice

Embed restorative justice practices in the school ethos

Undergo restorative justice T&D and put it into practice/model for other staff

Explore the validity of restorative justice in this school

Train in restorative justice and implement it across the school

Explore restorative justice and how we can use it across the school

Developing staff-student relationships

Staff wellbeing

Impact of constant change SACE/SSABSA/Technology on staff

List and develop professional development required to support staff on wellbeing (toolkit)

Look after staff wellbeing

Identify good resources from Mind Matters and Beyond Blue

Run parents as teachers seminar with focus on boys

Cater better to boys

Practical ways of improving learning environment for boys

Continue to explore boys’ issues

Why do My Space and You Tube hold such fascination for some students?

Follow up the notion of single sex classes

Counter bullying

Resources for girls’ education and wellbeing

Explore link between organisation and wellbeing

Explore link between academic achievement and wellbeing

Identify good resources from Mind Matters and Beyond Blue

Develop year 10 and year 11 health programmes and strengthen others

Develop a questionnaire to measure the wellbeing of our staff and students

Specify steps to improve wellbeing of our students

Focus on mental health issues for senior students

Ways in helping students become resilient

Look at what family issues most affect our students

Narrow our focus and not stay general

Come up with measurable data to work on and monitor improvements over the next few years

Make students with learning difficulties more successful

Innovate. How do we help the traditional failures?

Look more deeply into mental first aid

Mental first aid kit

Find routine/practical ways of dealing with emotional unwellness

Develop processes for emotional unwellness

Finding ways to elicit support of other students to help us protect friends who are not well


Author: CathyW

Retired Adelaide based professional. Lived here most of my life. I have been a teacher of French, English and German since 1974 and value the capacity of the classroom, wherever that might be, to write on the lives of others.

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