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Internal vs External

Raise your external profile: “There are essentially two profiles for you to manage: internal and external. Many developers are only concerned with their internal profile, or how they are perceived within their organisation.”

This internal vs external profiling seems to be taking shape “out there”. I fell over it by chance. In this instance it refers to your internal profile at work, where you promote yourself within the work place and let people know you and what you are doing versus the external profiling where you get yourself known out there and thereby built a stronger powerbase and a better sense of self. The article gives some good ideas about how to do that and obtain a better balance between internal profiling and the external profiling which we tend to forget.

In the second instance it refers to the psychology term of locus of control. I am no psychologist and you need to consult further to get a deeper understanding, but the concept is not difficult to grasp and get in a simple way. It’s about where you place the control over your life. Whether you allow yourself to be moulded and shaped by external things like people and events or whether you concentrate on shaping yourself from the inside. Often you become immobilised if you cannot shape your own destiny and path forward. Not surprising when much of the information comes in polar opposites these days. One day they say eat eggs and then not. Then they say we are all obese and then they say it’s not qite right. Then they say do this and then don’t do this, so we are stuck because we lack information. It’s then you have to use your common sense and logic to work out a solid approach which you are in control of. Not easy! You can do a little survey to determine where your locus (place) of control is.