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Personal and Social Capability ACARA

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I want a unicorn and flowers on my green lawn

unicorn This article on the Huffington Post blog about Why Generation y Yuppies are Unhappy gives plenty of food for thought and plenty of ideas about how to manage the frustration of Gen Y people. Those younger have also been brought up as special and have an even stronger idea about how to project themselves through social media and in a visual world and it is the negative side of that we often hear about in the news. This article gives us some insight as how we can better manage it and the Australian Curriculum gives us the perfect tool with its Personal and Social Capability. That is all about getting students to keep their feet on the ground and to look at how they impact on others and how others impact on them. It also addresses effective communication for dealing with issues and problems. Tools to manage your life positively. I have seen it at work in the year 8s I have explained this to this year. I have been more than impressed with how the work we have done has translated in effective , sensible action on their part to resolve issues and problems because they have the thinking and practical tools. This unicorn on the green grass with flowers is a wonderful image. It shows simultaneously the stuff of creativity and inspiration and then the pitfalls of not being grounded. The social awareness and social management aspects of this PASC are an opportunity to help students make realistic decisions and take realistic action without dampening their need to dream and dream big .


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Generation MySpace

Coming to terms with the social networking predilection of students can be a headache for educators, but there will come a time where educators themselves will be social networkers . There was a social networking seminar held in August last year as part of the Transforming Learning through ICT.

You can listen to a podcast of the seminar and orientate yourself to the social and teaching implications of social networking on the Curriculum Leadership Journal. Certainly adds clarity to the social networking fog.