personal and social capability

Personal and Social Capability ACARA

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Everyone should be respected

A beautiful video with a powerful message. It tackles a big issue in society in a way we can all deal with. We can then get out the statistics if we want to and have a closer look and debate the areas of concern in a safe way. There are all sorts of things which could be discussed as a result of seeing this video or you could just show it and let it work its magic. It fits into the self-management and social awareness elements of the Personal and Social Capability.


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Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

If you care about the images of girls and women , you need to see this Canadian made Evolution Ad made by Dove and awarded at the Cannes film festival. You also need to explore the site which Dove has put together with information and more videos which say it like no one else has said it. They have the visual mix and the messages spot on.