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Personal and Social Capability ACARA

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Social and emotional skills

You could do worse than listen to an Olympian to improve your personal and social capabilities. Olympians are resilient and they become experts in resilience. It’s good to hear from them and know that they are sharing these life lessons in a very productive way.


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Practise emotional first aid


It’s true. We are quick to respond with physical first aid. We are learning to offer and accept mental first aid but we keep running into an emotional block with emotions. We can find them embarrassing, unacceptable, intolerable. We forget we are human and others are human so our first reaction is often to deny the emotions or tell ourselves off and put ourselves down. This video straightens the picture and gives insight into how we can help ourselves and others more appropriately and effectively.

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The Happiness Factor

Authentic HappinessMartin Seligman is the well-known, well-respected driving force behind Authentic Happiness and the benefits of applied positive psychology. I have featured him here before in past years on this blog . Positive Psychology  and the Authentic Happiness  site can do much to help us interpret the social management and self management aspects of our national curriculum. The site has plenty to look at , to think about and there are questionnaires, current ideas and views and videos. There are plenty of resources there to educate yourself and your students.

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Put your phone away!

The personal and social capability is about enabling or blocking others. This is a very creative use of technology to help others see the error of their ways. Put your phone away. It’s not worth it.

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Keeping the tech – life balance

The social capabilities are about understanding relationships and learning to communicate effectively. This video puts it all in perspective so you can keep the tech-life balance.

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Happy – Pharrell Williams

This song Happy by Pharrell Williams has had over 205 million views. There must be something in it that everyone loves. It deals with the self-awareness, self- management aspect of the Personal and Social Capabilities. It is about recognising your emotions, recognising your personal qualities, expressing your emotions appropriately and becoming confident and resilient. 205 million people can’t be wrong. The lyrics are here.

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Put your phone away…

A powerful video which fits in well with the indicators of the social capability. It says what we all want to say in a way we couldn’t even think of saying it.