personal and social capability

Personal and Social Capability ACARA

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Self – Awareness – Year 8

self awareness

examine influences on and consequences of their emotional responses in learning, social and work related context
make a realistic assessment of their abilities and achievements, and prioritise areas for improvement
predict the outcomes of personal and academic achievement by drawing on previous problem solving and decision making strategies and feedback form peers and teachers
identify and choose a range of learning strategies appropriate to specific tasks and describe work practices that assist their learning

I am unsure as to whether this is what I want to work on with my year 8s. The first part of emotional responses doesn’t seem to match the rest of the element.  From the self review they have done the year 8s are ready to look at better learning strategies because they have a better understanding of what is expected and that they have a need to address things like time management and reading the whole of a task sheet first before they proceed.  I am going to look at self-management because that might be more what I want to work on with the year 8s. Looking at how they could improve themselves is definitely an option but I am still being thrown by this emotional response  descriptor for self-awareness. It is more of a behavioral thing.  There are certainly some students I could work on with that.  By tomorrow we need to know what we are working on with a class. This is a really interesting post on self-awareness. It’s where I got the post image.