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Engagement in Learning

Okay, so who is up for the 3 funded spots at the Engagement in Learning Conference Wed. 28th. June? I gave you a copy of the enrolment form with the minutes from our last meeting.



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BB and I recently went to the advocacy conference where we were well fed and well taught. Even though much of it was what we realised was obvious, it is not so easy to see it that way when you are operating in the thick of it all. The idea of representing students is not a surprise. It makes sense when we meet with students and parents to have a person who will act as advocate for the student. There is a mediation workshop coming which is a logical next step. It would make sense for the HGT to consider playing the role of advocate and might be something we could easily build into our current model. The conference is next offered Wed. 19th.July. I certainly recommend it as I found it very useful. CW