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Self-awareness assessment – Year 8

self awarenessI  was thinking I should be able to work on self-awareness with my whole year 8 class, as I previously posted and then self-management with some individuals. I also thought it would be as easy as creating an assessment grid with the indicators and then working on an action plan for that. I have realised this is not going to be possible to do –  to assess all the general competences and my subject content as well. If you want to assess against the indicators then it would be far too time consuming. As it stands I need to follow this through on the self awareness with my year 8s so I can get an idea of what really happens. They are not going to understand the indicators. I shall have to interpret them. I decided against paraphrasing them since this is the national curriculum and we have to assess against what is written into it and not how we interpret it through paraphrasing. Monday I plan to get my students to fill out these sheets in class and then next step will be to create our action plan. I am curious to see how it goes. For  each indicator I have asked them to

say whether it applies to them or not
give themselves a mark out of 10
say how they can improve
say whether they need help